Blogger Accessories Three Column Blogger Template

Today I am going to Publish my first Three Column Blogger Template. This Three Column Blogger Template has two sidebars on Left and Right side with Content in Center. This three column template contains valid CSS .

 Blogger Accessories three column blogger Template

Main Features of this Three Column Blogger Template.

* Adsense 468 x 60 ad on header top

I have added two page elements in header section , so just add the adsense code or any other code to the HTML/Javascript element.

Adsense Ad in Header

You can see in the image , there is a HTML widget on right side , Add Adsense ad code there.

* SEO page title Hack is also included.

* Navigation Menu is included

* Numbering Blogger Comments Hack is also included.

* Unique CSS style for Author comments is also included inorder to distinguish author comments from others.

* Display only specific number of posts in Lables Page hack included.

* Related Posts Widget is also included

* Page Navigation Menu of my CSS style.

*Comment Form is embedded below each post.

This Work is done under creative commons License 3.0

So please don’t remove the footer credits.
If you want to see the template in Action , please have a look at my own Blog because I am using this template only.

Blogger Accessories Three Column Blogger Template.

I hope all of you will welcome this new three column template. Please leave a comment so that i can modify this template further.

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27 Responses to “Blogger Accessories Three Column Blogger Template”

  1. Assalamualaikum Rais,
    Permision to download this template 😀
    and great job dude, still waiting your blogger hack 😛
    Thanks again

  2. Walaikum Salam Subagya ,

    Thanks for your Comments. I have uploaded my own template with all hacks included.

    Hacks like Related Posts , Author Comment different style , Codeview , Numbering comments , Jquery Link scrubber , and many more included.

    Blogger Accessories

  3. রাশেদ 13. Aug, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    Thanks a lot. I’m testing this one in my test blog. Thanks again. 🙂


  4. Hey did u write all this on your ownn….if yes I wonder why ur using Blogspot….rather you can use your own domain….:)….

  5. I need you’re help…

    Please help me…i want to have 3 columns such that posts come in middle of two sidecolumns….. i.e “1stcolumn |Posts | 2ndcolumn”

    Template which I used:

    I tried in many websites but of no use…I hope atleast u will reply to me pleaseeeeeeee…:)


  6. Hi Nithin ,

    Yes I am writing all this posts. You can check in . I am using blogspot because I don’t have enough money right now.

    If you want a three column template with “1stcolumn |Posts | 2ndcolumn” , then you can download the above template.

    If you want that customized Spiderman template , tell me I can insert a sidebar column on left side too.

    Blogger Accessories

  7. Hi Mohamed,

    Thanks for fast reply….I want that spiderman template as three columns…can u please insert a third column into it….:)

  8. Yes of course Nithin , You can expect that Three Column Spiderman Template by this week.

    Blogger Accessories

  9. Mohamed please make sure that the layout of template is like this:
    “1stcolumn |Posts | 2ndcolumn”

    You’re really good dude…:)

    Cheers Nithin

  10. Hello Mohamed,

    The pages hack in this template is messed up. When I click on next page it goes to page 3 instead of page 2! Maybe there is a bug? Can you fix and upload the newer version? Also Mohamed, can you update the template to look like the new version of your website? With that black menu background and those sidebars like the one you have here. Please fix this and re-upload if you can. Thanks.

  11. where do u post the template?

  12. Hi Mohamed,

    I don’t know but your blog here does not look like the one in the picture above. At least not in my computer.

    I get the middle column (as per your image) on far left and everything else seems to have gone at the bottom.

    Plus there is no navigation bar at all. I can see space for it, but no links.

    I use IE6

  13. Dear Mohamed Rias
    Eid mubarak to you N UR FNF and GUTTA DYNYA.
    On ward, I am going to follow you. I grab this unique designed templete to day but yet to explore more about this.

    As a learner, now I am visiting your blog posts one by one and found my selp a tinny boat out of ATLANTIC dogged n numb with hopes and doubts.
    Thaks for your unique easy detailed
    posting RE widgets adds feeds and SEO Navi’ No’ring css lebels page hack…..opened new Windows for me.

    Please be opened an….in UR good book and obliezed.
    Wishing you a succeed bloger.


  14. Dear Rias, Why don’t you insert Adsense prominently. I have sent you an email with my template problem. Regards

  15. It will Be great If you Can Make It DoFOllow ..!!!

  16. Assalamualaikum..thanks 4 share. I Like it. Permision to download ya..

  17. hey nice job!!
    i want more templates like this please

  18. Cool templates
    i have submit your templates on my blog
    see here

  19. hey how u add the stubble open etc link icon on each post
    pls write abt that
    nice job

  20. hi good them plates
    free templat

  21. Hey there, I discovered your site a little while ago and have been reading through all the info slowly. I thought would post my comment and just say hi there & let you know I really enjoy your site so far. Will definately be stopping by to read more when I have a bit more time !

  22. your template have some problem! plz solve it.

  23. Hi. I wonder if you can help me. I got a free template and thought of adding a left sidebar and a footer (3 colummn, if possible)

    It’s here:

    I really like this template but I don’t know how to make the most of it. Please help me. Thanks

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