Outbrain Post Rating Widget for Blogger

Today I am going to write about an interesting Post Rating widget developed by Outbrain.com . This Post Rating Widget is available for all blogging services like WordPress.com , blogger , typepad , drupal , etc . A Similar Post rating widget is developed by draft.blogger.com and is found here at Star Rating Widget

Advantages of this Post rating Widget :

1. Know your readers opinion about the post

2. Drive More traffic ( Outbrain has a feature called Recommended Posts which is embedded within rating Widget , So outbrain users who have enabled this feature will show your post . )

3. We can also display Most Popular posts with this post Rating Widget.

How to Add This Widget to your Blogger Blog ?

It’s very simple . Visit http://www.outbrain.com and register an account ( to track traffic and details ). While registering , check this box (Yes – I want to install the outbrain widget and/or access my blog’s reports ) .

After this step , claim your blog by filling your blog Details and click continue. A new tab/ window will open and just choose your blog . outbrain will install the widget automatically.

Configuring Post Rating Widget

Sign-in to your Outbrain account and click manage Blogs tab on left side and then navigate to Setting sub-tab.

Now customize the widget to your wish. If you check ( Best Recommendations box ) you will get posts from other blogs below your Post Rating Widget like this .

If you choose Most Popular Posts box then the widget will Most rated Posts above the rating Widget.

I hope I have given you much details on Adding this Outbrain Post rating Widget for blogger. If you have any problems let me know. Very soon I will post how to add this Outbrain Post rating Widget Manually , without registering Outbrain .

Thanks for reading………..

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7 Responses to “Outbrain Post Rating Widget for Blogger”

  1. Great help for me! I have been wanting to add star ratings to my blog for about two months now but could not get the blogger verion to work. This was easy and I think it works better. But, is there a way to change the star colors so it matches my blog better?

  2. Thanks a lot..that was short and..fast..! 🙂

  3. yupe..thanks…i implement it again..:)

  4. good thanks

  5. good work 🙂

  6. hey it doesn’t work on some of my blog………. the rating thing doesn’t show!!

  7. hi i have a blog & i am useing "SCHEMER MAG" template plz. guide me how to add social bookmark & star rating in every post

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