Show only specific Number of posts in Labels Page – Blogger Hack

One of my Reader asked me in Comment Form ” How to Show Specific Number of Posts in Labels Page ? ” . So I am writing this Post on his request. This Hack ( Show Specific Number of Posts In Labels Page ) is very useful for Page Navigation Hack . Users who use my Page Navigation hack might have came across an error , that is When They visit Labels Page , Blogger will display all posts under that particular label although you might have mentioned in the page Navigation Widget to show only 2 , 3 or any number you specified there.

So here is an easy Hack to display only specific number of posts per page while visiting Labels. Just follow the simple steps below to implement this hack on your blogger blog.

Show Only Specific Number of Posts in Blogger Labels Pages

Step 1 :

Users Who Have installed Labels Widget in their Blog , Please Navigate to EDIT HTML PAGE . Then put a check to Expand Widgets Box on Right Side.

Now search for this Code :

<b:widget id=’Label1‘ locked=’false’ title=’Labels’ type=’Label’>

only the Widget Id can be different , other things will be same. Now search for this code within the widget

<a expr:dir=’data:blog.languageDirection’ expr:href=’data:label.url’>
<span dir=’ltr’>(<data:label.count/>)</span>

Now replace the above code with this code .

<a expr:dir=’data:blog.languageDirection’ expr:href=’data:label.url + &quot;?max-results=2&quot;’>
<span dir=’ltr’>(<data:label.count/>)</span>

The digit in red represents number of posts to be Shown in Single Labels Page.
Change the digit ( number ) in red to your wish .

You Can put same number you entered in Page Navigation Hack

That’s it We have successfully added ” Show Specific Number of Posts in Labels Page ” . here after your Blog Will Show only specific number of posts in Labels Page. I hope This Hack will be useful for you all. If you have any doubts or difficulties in implementing this Hack please let me Know. I will clarify them in comment form or If neccessary I will write a New post like this.

thanks for reading…….

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25 Responses to “Show only specific Number of posts in Labels Page – Blogger Hack”

  1. Salam Alaikum!
    I really enjoyed with this post and exactly looking for this very before. Finally got it and hack my blogger. And just waiting for Page Navigation as yours.
    Check my blog
    Allah Hafiz

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  3. Hi Technodrop ,

    I will convert that wordpress theme to blogger very soon ( probably within Sunday ).

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  7. I have used this in my blog, but he had a problem with a hack that installed, nor had good yields with adsense

  8. शैलेश भारतवासी 25. Aug, 2008 at 3:50 am

    Mohamed Rias !

    If want to show limited no. of lables on sidebar, then what will be hack..? I dont want to use link-list method to shwo limited no. of lables, beacuse my blog is in Hindi (with Unicode encoding), when I put a lable in Hindi, which links can no be addable.. it will be garbaged

  9. Hi शैलेश भारतवासी ,

    I will write a post on this topic soon.

    Blogger Accessories

  10. Hi Mohamed,

    Sorry If I have missed it, but How can we Show only Specific number of Comments per page in blogger?

    It annoys me when the comments section gets very long and page stretches very deep.

    Is there a way around this?



  11. Very nice thanks

    and i have question how u do post a comment open in same windows under ur post in blogger thanks my URL is

    thanks in advance

    Nermien Barakat

  12. Hi About All Things ,

    Welcome to Blogger Accessories. I explained how to Embed Comment form below each post in Blogger in this post . please visit that post.

    If you have any doubt please mail me

    Blogger Accessories

  13. hi ….i want to display my post in 10 pages…so i want to know how to display page numbers for single post.

  14. thanks dude….after reading your article my problem is solved.

  15. Hi Mohamed,

    Is there a way to implement this hack on the old blogger template? It’s very annoying to see a label’s page with the number of posts set on the main page… In my case I need the label’s page show more posts than the main page…

    Thanks in advance

  16. hi mohamed see my beautiful template with hell lot of improvement which i did by myself..but one problem my template automatically display labels in top nvigation .. i am bit worried when i will have lots of label how will it behave is there any hack for this see

  17. I searched lot,Finally find this. I personally convey my thanks to Rias.This is very critical hack but show simple.

  18. i did not find the above script in my template , so please give me any other idea for this hack its very urgent please

  19. hiiiiiii dude good information

    see my site it worked

  20. How to show specific number of "Comments" in a post.

    for eg: one of my post has 100 more comments. i sont wanna show the whole comments in that page as it looks a long page. is there any way to show a few newer comments only in that page like this while keeping the old comments.?

  21. Awesome mate u r genious .
    I implented on my blog…
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  22. AoA, Mohamed Rias, i hope u r fine. i m trying to implement this code on my blog BUT it snot working . details of my blog are Blogger Template Style
    Name: Enlighten
    Designer: Free WordPress Layouts y Zona Cerebral
    URL: y
    Date: 29 Nov 2007
    Updated by: Iván
    my blog is
    Any help from ur side would be highly appreciated.

  23. hey please help me too..
    my blog is showing 20 posts at a page while clicking label…
    please help….
    i am not bale to find the codes u posted in this page in my blog html…
    i am using label widjet too
    please guide

  24. Code also not working for me. I set it to display 3 posts (like on my homepage) but it’s still displaying all the posts associated with that label.

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