backup Blogger Blog Widgets – an easy video tutorial

One of the Major Problem Blogger users have is whenever they try to change their templates , They will loss their widgets even if they have taken backup of their blogger blog template. After changing their Blogger template , they need to add blogger widgets again manually. It’s really annoying and time consuming process. So here I have created a video which will give you step by step instructions to backup blogger templates without loosing any of your widgets.

Backup Blogger Widgets

I have written a tutorial on Backup Blogger blog widgets ” How to change Blogger Template without deleting widgets ? ” .But most of the friends found that difficult to backup blogger widgets. So in order to help them , I have created a video tutorial for them to backup Blogger Template and blogger widgets while changing their blogger templates.


This is my first video tutorial guys , so please give me your suggestions. Due to lesser RAM , the Voice is a bit choppy. If you still have any doubts or difficulty to backup the blogger blog widgets then please feel free to contact me.

Very soon I will write tutorials on

  • How to backup Blogger Posts

and will explain the functionality of numerous blogger posts backup software. If you don’t want to miss my future tutorials or hack then please suscribe to my blog.

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8 Responses to “backup Blogger Blog Widgets – an easy video tutorial”

  1. Wow Great one friend. That is surely going to help many new bloggers.

  2. Hey,

    I didn’t change my template once because I faced this exact problem. But now I think I can take care of it with ease. Really helpful. With regards to suggestions, how about uploading all video tutorials in YouTube where you can also create a channel for your other upcoming tutorials and/ or other videos

  3. @manish Ahuja

    Welcome to . Thanks for your suggestion , soon i will create a channel in youtube and will upload all the video tutorials there.

    Mohamed Rias

  4. Hi! this template is simply super. more template

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  6. I am looking to keep blogger but be able to have the tabs on top like the wordpress templates.

    Without making my own, do you have any suggestiong?

  7. I want to add widget on own website.

    how can do it?

  8. this is a cool news. Thank you.

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