45+ Must Have Free Calligraphic Fonts

Calligraphy means “beautiful writing.” Calligraphy can be both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit. Now the appreciation for the art of calligraphy has grown incredibly. Calligraphy fonts are used in creative art to express the elegance, beauty and grace.

I have collected 45 elegant calligraphy fonts which are free to download. Click on the images to download the respective calligraphy fonts.

Installing Fonts to Windows and Photoshop

In order to install the download fonts to your windows , follow the easy steps given below :

  • Click Start and then select ” control panel “
  • In control panel , search for Fonts folder
  • Open the fonts folder and paste the download fonts in the folder

Note : Remember to unzip the zip files before pasting them to fonts folder.

that’s it Now you can see your new fonts available in all text editors like MS Word and also in Photoshop.

Renaissance calligraphy font

renaissance calligraphy fonts

Radagund calligraphy font

radagund script calligraphy font

Mutlu Ornamental calligraphy font

mutlu ornamental calligraphy fonts

Aquiline two calligraphy font

aquiline two calligraphy fonts

BreastBomb Calligraphy font

breastbomb calligrphy font

Champignon Regular Calligraphy Font

champignon regular calligraphy Fonts

Marriage Script Calligraphy Font

marriage script calligraphy font

Deftone Stylus calligraphy Fonts

DEFTONE stylus calligraphy fonts

English Calligraphy Font

english calligraphy fonts

Franciscolucas Briosa

franciscolucas briosa Font

Lauren Script Calligraphy Font

Lauren Script Calligraphy fonts

Old Script Calligraphy Fonts

old script calligraphy fonts

Promocyja script calligraphy font

promocyja calligraphy script

KellyBrown calligraphy Font

KellyBrown font

Orphiel Demo Calligraphy Font

Orphiel Demo calligraphy Font

Adinekirnberg script

Adinekirnberg script - calligraphy Fonts

ALS script – calligraphy Font

Als Script Calligraphy Font

A Charming Font Expanded

A charming calligraphy font expanded

A charming Font Extended Italics

A Charming Font Extended Italics

A Charming Font Left leaning

A Charming Font Left Leaning

Super Expanded calligraphy Font

Charming font super expanded

Allergo Calligraphy font

Allergo Calligraphy font free download

Balzac Callygraphic Font

balzac Calligraphic Font

Beautiful ES calligraphy font

beautiful ES

Pavane script calligraphy font

Pavane calligraphy font

Chancery Cursive

chancery cursive Calligraphy Font

Chopin Script

chopin script calligraphy font

Renaiss italic calligraphy font

renaiss italic calligraphy font

Cygnet Round

cygnet round Calligraphy font

Dopkin Plain calligraphy font

dopkin plain callygraphic font

Edwardian Script calligraphic font

Edwardian script callygraphic font

Scrypticaly Italic Calligraphic font

scryptically calligrpahic font

FLW script calligraphy font

FLW script calligraphic font

Free Booter Script Calligraphy font

free booter script calligrpahy font

Gabrielle calligraphy fonts

gabrielle calligraphic fonts


gessele calligraphy fonts

Adorable calligraphy fonts

adorable calligraphy fonts


ohio script calligraphy fonts

Quigley wiggly

QUIGLEY Wiggly font

Saffron Too

saffron too fonts

Splendid ES calligraphic font

splendid ES calligraphic font

Selfish calligraphic fonts

selfish calligraphy fonts

shardee calligraphy fonts

Shardee calligraphy fonts

ibleum calligrpahy font

ibleum calligraphy fonts

Wrexham Script calligraphic font

Wrexham Script calligraphic font

Zothique Demo

dear joe italic calligraphy font

These are some of the calligraphy fonts which i like and use in my design works. If you have any other suggestions let me know. I will include them with a link to your site

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  1. first comment in this article…. great & nice thing. Keep share my friend. I was donwload several word. Thank.

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  3. lovely font….thanks for this sharing!

  4. OMG you missed Scriptina!!!! Good list though πŸ™‚

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  6. I am not a fan of script fonts but I admire Bickham Script, Splendid Es, Quigley Wiggly, Saffron Too and Edwardian Script.

    I would say Edwardian and Bickham both have a lot more glyphs that you can experiment in caps (initials for formal invitations and stuff like that), lowercases and even alternative scripts to replace the exaggerated swashes to something uniform.

    Thanks for sharing those fonts!

  7. Sneh, I wish Scriptina has less loopy lowercases added to the glyphs for B, D, H, K and L. It is so distracting when there is too much loops in one word. I guess everyone has different preferences of how the script typography are being presented but I appreciate the beauty of the Scriptina font, anyway.

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  9. Fantastic list really appreiciate the list.

  10. great post! thanks for sharing!
    just a comment about Fonts installation:
    If you’re using Windows 7, you just have to open the font file, and you’ll find a “install” button, next to the upper left “print” button. This feature is really useful to install just the fonts you like or need.

  11. Great list, all the good ones are here. Thanks πŸ™‚

  12. HOW do I use these fonts on Blogger?? I would like to install them, but just don’t know how to do that. Can you please tell me, maybe a sort of tutorial, or how to??
    or how to use them in my bog

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  14. Can you convert the wordpress theme you are using to blogger theme?

    Please mail me if you can or have

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  16. those are sweet but I would REALLY like to know exactly which of them can I use commercially?

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  18. All these fonts are sweet πŸ˜€

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  20. Some beautiful font types yes , however : I am just wondering , would you have any idea what the font type used for the ‘Blogger’ logo is ? I have been trying to find out & this font type is not listed anywhere , regardless of the search term entered . Just perplexed .. Lovely site btw . Have a great summer πŸ™‚

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  23. Thanks for sharing. All fonts r very useful for me. Keep sharing such great stuff

  24. Wonderful fonts, each one having its unique effects. Other friends also keep sharing such good things. Where can I get Scriptina font.

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  29. how beautiful fonts you write- its wounderful & unbelieveable

  30. I think when we can type Turkish chracter (ΓΌ,?,?,Γ§) it doesn’t work.

  31. Nice Fonts, Thanks for sharing

  32. Great article, thx πŸ™‚
    btw some nice free calligraphic fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=51

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  34. It is a nice collection of a must have CALLIGRAPHIC FONTS.

    I’d also recommended this page to my friends.

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  36. Is there anyway i could use these fonts in blogger?

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  39. Sir, can you put all the fonts in one .rar file and then upload it? It’s really hard to download all these files one by one..and as I’m studying calligraphy, I’d love to collect all those fonts!

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