Magic House Blogger Template

Magic House Blogger template is a three column xml blogger template which is ripped from wordpress theme. As I told in my last post itself , If you request any theme conversion I will do that. One of my blog reader requested me to rip magic house wordpress theme to blogger template. So I have ripped this wordpress theme for him. If you want your favourite wordpress theme to blogger template , then send me your requests.

magic house blogger template

Features of Magic House Blogger Template

  • Top navigation menu
  • Search box in right of navigation menu
  • Two sidebars with one sidebar in each side
  • socialbar script at bottom of the post
  • Read More hack with automatic thumbnail creator script
  • Yahoo Smileys hack included
  • Cross browser Compatible
  • Supports All screen resolution

Template Modifications

  • Top Navigation Menu

To set up Navigation menu , go to EDIT HTML page of your blogger Template.There you will find the following code :

<a href=’’>Home</a></div>
<div class=’no_bg’/><div><a href=’’>Templates</a></div>
<div class=’no_bg’/><div><a href=’’>Widgets</a></div>

<div class=’no_bg’/><div><a href=’’>Blogger hacks</a></div>
<div class=’no_bg’/><div><a href=’’>Advertise</a></div>
<div class=’no_bg’/><div><a href=’’>Tutorial</a>

Edit the links and title to suit your Blogger template.

  • Remove Top Blogger Navbar
#navbar-iframe {
height : 0;
visibility : hidden;
display : none;

Read more hack for Blogger

I have included the javascript needed for the automatic thumbnail creator script. If you need any modifications of the image width or height , then please refer this post Read more hack with Automatic Thumbnail creator

Donate if you like my work

if you like my work and want to encourage me to rip more wordpress themes to blogger templates , Then please help us by donating something you can.

So if you want any wordpress theme to be converted to blogger xml template , then request in the comment section. I am always ready to rip.

If you Guys need any modification or any other hack in this template , then please contact here or email me to I will modify this template to your wish.

P.S: I have hosted all images in my own database. So there won’t be any bandwidth problem. But still i appreciate you to upload the images to photobucket and take backup.

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35 Responses to “Magic House Blogger Template”

  1. nice template …good work….
    but it have some bugs …
    menu couldn’t display properly …..

  2. […] major browsers like Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome. strong class=keywordTemplate/strong Magic House Blogger Template – 06/19/2009 Magic House Blogger strong class=keywordtemplate/strong is a three […]

  3. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai 19. Jun, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Salam Rias,

    Your new running template is great!

    I wonder how you added a wordPress type comment form into blogger. I would appreciate a tutorial on this.

    I fyou don’t mind can you please guide me in the a reply comment on how turn blogger comment form into the one like yours?

  4. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai 19. Jun, 2009 at 11:52 am

    oh I got the answer my self as usual. I just found it through your footer that you have finally shifted to WOrdpress. Best of luk Rias

  5. Wow Mohammed you are so fast, i think the man who asked it will be really happy now
    but there is a problem in the blog displaying specially on firefox
    take a look on pics
    My screen 1280×1024

  6. Hey Mohamed, congrats for the new template. Great job.

    Cheers from

  7. Hi, Nice Blog and I appreciate effort and creative work.

    Can you also convert any CSS template to Blogger template?

    Is it possible for you to convert a number of WP themes/ CSS templates to Blogger template?

    I mean I want to buy some converted template from you, that never had been posted anywhere.

    I however, will distribute them for free in my blog.

  8. Your new running template is great!

    I wonder how you added a wordPress type comment form into blogger. I would appreciate a tutorial on this.

  9. there is too many problems in this template

    problem no 1:-the navigation menu is not in the proper place 🙁

    problem no 2:-can’t type any thing in the search bar and the go icon is far away from the search bar 🙁

    problem no 3:-when we create a post with some images or a link and publish it.when we view the blog only one image will show that too not clickable 🙁

  10. thanks for all your comments !

    I have fixed all bugs in this template. I have made it compatible for all screen resolutions. I will write a post about that too soon. If you have any other problem let me know.

    @King regarding that third problem , read more hack is set in that fashion that only one image from that post will shown in Home Page / achieves page / labels page. If you don’t want that feature than you can remove read more hack included with this template.

    Mohamed Rias

  11. now there is a new problem on this template now when i put ads code on HTML/JavaScript section the ads not appearing on the page 🙁

  12. It is very nice. Good job.
    but after viewing, i have noticed that some texts are not appeared clearly in chrome browser. please keep attention at this and fix it.

  13. see this blog…its a 3 u see…here is the template

    sir..i need two “add a gadget” just above posting body…so it looks like 4 column abover n below 3 column…

  14. admin plz fix the HTML/JavaScript section the ads keep getting disappearing plz fix it :w

  15. the HTML/JavaScript has some bugs ..

  16. not showing any thing on HTML/JavaScript without that this rip is a waste big time

  17. adbrite codes not showing in HTML/JavaScript.bugs fix it please

  18. @ asif

    I have updated the code.You can check in the demo blog too.
    Now it’s showing ads.

    Please download and install again.

    Mohamed Rias

  19. hi,rias.

    now you can see there is a huge different between the theme you ripped for me and the orginal one

    see here

    original one:-

    another one from a blogger:-

    here is your rip done for me :):-

    now you see the original one had a grey image in the middle.

    can you please edit those code once again to make this template look like this blog template:-

    i know you can do it please do it once again 🙂

  20. if possible then please add Four Column Footer too :p

  21. Hi King !

    ya sure.. I will edit that soon and i will update the template.

    Mohamed Rias

  22. thanks man,i am waiting for the new updated downloaded link 🙂

  23. hi man i am not able to edit my script can u help

  24. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

  25. hi,rias is the new download link ready:?

    please make sure the sidebar is in proper place this time :p here is a screen shot from previous version here is the left side screen shot:-

    here is the right side screen shot:-

    as you can see the right sidebar titles are not in a proper place 🙁 please fix that as well..

  26. why no replay please post the updated download link 🙂

  27. how to download this on yeh 😕

  28. Hi i like to change my webs template but i afraid i miss my web.Can u help me?Web adress

  29. Very nice blog, and also nice work.

  30. good work, thank you for more information

  31. hi nice work. but where is the download button?

  32. very nice article to find a good template.

  33. Great Template converted, nice work! But i can’t find download button too,where i’ts? Can download it?

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