200+ Must Know Adobe Fireworks Tutorials for Web designers

Adobe Photoshop is very famous among the web designers and web developers. But most of the web designers are not aware that Adobe Fireworks is better than photoshop when it comes to vector graphics and rapid prototyping. Hope you may be wondering whether Fireworks is better than Photoshop. If so the answer is ‘ Yes ‘ when it comes to web designing. Fireworks has enhanced toolset with which you can create and edit vector and bitmap images, or import and modify native Photoshop and Illustrator files. Apply lighting effects, shadow effects, styles, and blend modes, including seven new blend modes from Photoshop, to add depth and character to text and symbols.

Key Features of Adobe Fireworks

These are some of the main features of adobe fireworks.

  • Cross-platform support
  • Optimization & scaling tools
  • Adobe PDF file export
  • Enhanced type handling
  • CSS export
  • Adobe AIR authoring
  • Superb design tools
  • RIA authoring support
  • Sophisticated prototyping

100+ Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

I have collected almost 130 Adobe Fireworks tutorials which are meant for web designers . This tutorials will help the designers to create special effects in the logos and in their design works.

Photo-Realistic adobe fireworks tutorial

Make your digital images more convincing and lifelike with just a handful of gradients and custom shadows. Once you’re done, your pictures will look like real photo prints, you’d swear they popped out of the screen.

Photo-Realistic adobe fireworks tutorial

Create Glossy Logo seal with Adobe Fireworks

Whether it’s signifying merit or signalizing new content, a golden seal graphic often does the trick. Utilizing two of Adobe Fireworks‘ nifty features—Auto Shapes and Text On A Path—you’ll be stamping shiny seals in no time.

Glossy Golden Logo Fireworks Tutorial

Interactive Prototypes in PDF

This tutorial will explain how to generate interactive prototypes directly from Fireworks in a PDF format. This kind of prototype can be very useful for layouts approval with clients or just to make the communication between the design development team easier.

Interactive Prototypes in PDF Fireworks Tutorial

Create Sticky Notes – Fireworks Tutorial

Sticky notes are little pieces of bright-colored paper with an adhesive strip on the back, allowing you to jot down reminders, checklists, or *gasp* passwords and post them onto a surface. This Adobe Fireworks tutorial will show you how to recreate them digitally, with a certain degree of realism, for your own design projects.

Create Sticky Notes - Fireworks Tutorial

Gradients and masking – Fireworks Tutorial

Gradients and masks are all it takes to create lighting effects for circular shapes in Adobe Fireworks. Generate as many layers of shadows and highlights as you need.

Gradients and masking techniques - Fireworks Tutorial

Create Icons in Fireworks – Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you some basic techniques in creating simple yet pleasing icons in Fireworks. Start off by creating a new file, and using your elliptical marquee tool to make a circular selection. Fill your selection with a radial gradient, making sure that your inside color is lighter than your outside color. Position the start of your gradient in the top-left corner, and let it radiate downward and to the right. Your image should look similar to below.

Create Icons in Fireworks - Tutorial

Optimize Photos in Fireworks Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to optimize photos in Macromedia Adobe fireworks CS4. In this tutorial you will learn how to set Hue , saturation , contrast and brightness to optimize the images.

Optimize Photos in Fireworks Tutorial

Creating an “old paper” effect with Fireworks

You probably already know that you can create many different types of non-destructive Live Filter effects in Fireworks. But you might not be aware of one of the least-known Live Filter techniques, which allows you to convert a bitmap to transparency based upon the color variances in the bitmap. Using this technique, you can give an image the look of old paper.

Creating an old paper effect with Fireworks

Create website layout in Adobe fireworks

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple header effect in a few steps, and with some vector textures, try to create a little layout in Fireworks with 9rules.com as our reference. In part 2, we’re gonna do the HTML/CSS to show you how this layout reacts to the browser.

Create website layout in Adobe fireworks

Night Vision Effect in Fireworks

This tutorial demonstrates how to give a night vision effect to an image in Fireworks MX 2004.

Night Vision Effect in Fireworks

18 awesome Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

Learn advanced Adobe Fireworks tutorials that can help you better understand how to make your site more visually appealing. These tutorials were written for users who have a very strong understanding of Fw.

18 best adobe fireworks tutorials

34 Adobe fireworks tutorials for Web Designers

Fireworks Zone contains 34 Adobe Fireworks tutorials for web designers. This tutorials mainly concentrate on web designing to make website more appealing.

34 Adobe fireworks tutorials for Web Designers

18 best fireworks Tutorials by Abduzeedo

Here is a list of Tutorials created by designers of Abduzeedo website. These tutorials are for advanced users and they mainly focus on web development.

Create Advanced Iphone Case

Create amazing Palm Pre Icon

LED Cinema Display in Fireworks

Fireworks Quick Tips #1 - How to use QuickMask

Awesome Light Effects in Fireworks

Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks
Awesome Apple Air Logo

Newspond menu on Fireworks

Obama's Background on Fireworks

Creating the iPhone Interface on Fireworks

Creating the IE7 logo effect in Fireworks

Create Light Painting in Fireworks

Creating a cool website header in fireworks

Create Amazing Neon Lights on Fireworks

Grooveshark design style in Fireworks

7 Steps Colored Lights Header

Classy personal portfolio in Fireworks

Create Job Board banner in Fireworks

Best Adobe Fireworks Video Tutorials

I always feel that Video tutorials are always better when compared to simple articles. So i have collected about 60 video tutorials available in youtube and other video sites.

30 best Fireworks tutorials from Entheosweb

These are 30 Free Fireworks Tutorial provided by entheosweb. Here you will learn some cool Fireworks effects and will also provide useful Fireworks tips & tricks.

30 best Fireworks tutorials from Entheosweb

10 Adobe Fireworks Tutorials by ITM Design

ITM is also a design based site who have 18 tutorials for Adobe Fireworks. These tutorials will help you to learn the baisc of Adibe Fireworks.

18 fireworks Tutorials by ITM design

35+ Adobe Fireworks Tutorials Collection

DesignMAg has collected 35+ adobe fireworks tutorials already. You can get them at their own site.

Hope this list of tutorials will definitely help you in your web design works. Though few of these tutorials not related to web design but they will help us to know about the tools of adobe fireworks which we can implement in our web design work. If you know any other good tutorials for Fireworks let me know.

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