8 useful tips for Bloggers to stay healthy

Health is a topic of great concern for the people who are sitting long hours before computers. Among them bloggers are the most common culprits who often face health problems due to their carelessness on their health and diet instead worrying about their blog and other parameters. Remember, health is very important and if you neglect it you have to pay penalty as it effects your thinking and working efficiency and indirectly effecting your productivity and what not everything.


I have seen so many people who faced this problem among my friends and to be frank I was one among those people. So all you have to do is just take care of yourself and your own health and for this I have gathered some tips to help you in managing your health better.

The common health problems faced by bloggers

These are some of the problems faced by internet junkies.

  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • eye problems
  • headache or migraine
  • hand pain
  • weight gain and obesity
  • stress and depression
  • alcohol and smoking problems

Lets now see in brief about these problems and I will suggest some tips to combat those problems.

1. Neck pain:

1. Avoid sitting long hours before computer and take small breaks between and have a short walk for good blood supply to your brain.
2. Use speaker phones while talking.
3. Stretch your neck and do short rotation exercises between your works.

2. Back pain:

1. While sitting keep your knees little above your hip and instead of twisting your waist try to move your whole body.
2. Maintain your posture (sitting) straight and try to use low-back support chairs.

3. Eye problems:

1. do some eye exercises in between your work โ€“ I will suggest you one simple and easy one โ€œ first blink your eyes several times and after that close your eyes and just roll your eyes clockwise and anticlockwise and in between this process take deep breaths and breath out and slowly open your eyesโ€. Do this for about 2 minutes in between your short breaks.
2. Please donโ€™t rub your eyes and also anti glare glasses as suggested by some physicians.

4. Headache or migraine:

1. Headache can be caused more frequently due to eye strain as you work more time in front of computer screens so better consult doctor for checking your sight.
2. If your headache becomes intolerable and recurring frequently and periodically that might be a migraine so better get doctors opinion and best thing to avoid this problem is fight with stress related problems.

5. Hand pain:

1. As you type more and more there is a chance for getting hand pain so for that you have to do some finger exercises in between and before starting more importantly.
2. Just stretch your arms and flex your fingers in between writing posts or any other where you spend more time on typing.

6. Weight gain and obesity :

1. This is the most frequent complaint heard in the world of blogosphere and the simple reason being sedentary life style by just sitting long hour before computers and laptops.
2. So for this you have to decide and fix a time table before your day starts and one more time in the evening, people neglecting this simple thing will suffer obesity and related problems. Just find some exercises where you can do at your working place itself like push ups, jumping, rotations and sit ups and other related exercises

7. Stress and depression:

1. This problem is faced so often due to reasons like worrying about blog traffic and ads money. This can be stopped by having a positive attitude.
2. Practice relaxing exercises like meditation and yoga.
3. Enough sleep is very important and give some rest to your body.
4. Manage your time effectively and this will solve most of the stress related problems

8. Alcohol and smoking problems:

1. Most people who blog all the day may have habits of drinking and smoking due to several reasons and this should be controlled.
2. Try to avoid parties at your working places and never smoke and learn tips and tricks to control smoking which is very dangerous to your health.

Hope this tips will definitely help you to take care of your health. Though earning money may be your basic goal , but at the same time its very necessary that you take care of your body as well. Spare some time for daily workouts and be healthy.

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Dr.Rajesh Moganti is the author of Hows Health. In Hows Health, He provides health tips, suggestions, health management and helping people to live better longer.

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  2. great post ! i think this post will be very useful to all bloggers like me ! i suffered from several problems what you mentioned above especially stress and neck pain ๐Ÿ™ , any how i will follow ur tips !

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  5. thank you kiran! feel free to express your health problems i will try to add few more useful tips !

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    Eye strain can be reduced significantly by taking regular breaks from the computer, resting your eyes, stretching and doing eye exercises.

    For a demo of 3 great eye exercises by Dr. Grossman, one of the Country’s leading behavioral optometrists, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W10j2fL0hy0

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  9. Good post about trying to keep healthy.I would say to avoid neck pain maintain a neutral neck position and avoid having the chin come forward.

  10. Good article from Rajesh, also I’m gonna wander around Techie Blogger to check out some other interesting things I’ve seen here !! Thanks Brukhar for sending me the Techie Blogger !!

  11. I definitely can relate to the back and hand pain. I thought I was developing carpel tunnel! This is the first post I’ve ever seen with such common sense tips. Thanks I’ll keep them all in mind!

  12. i am a blogger and getting eye problem mainly than others

  13. This really is a very useful post for me. I am passing most of my time infront of my pc. I need to care of my eyes and so should others too. Thanks for these great tips.

  14. Thank you everybody for your comments and I am glad that you all like my post and I will be back with a new health problem faced by bloggers… stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. ..,this is really informative and helpful.. this is a must read among people who are so close in computer works… lots of tips… thanks…

  16. thanks for the information, hope I will always be healthy blogger.. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I am a full time blogger, and this information is very useful to me. I have been smoking for 12 years now, and I know I could use more breaks in between contemplating what to post next. I try to put as much work in to my blog as possible, but I am beginning to realise that there has to be a balance between your blog, and your health. Whats the point of having a successful blog or website, if you aren’t healthy to reap the benefits….Great article.

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