25+ Useful Linux and Unix Cheat Sheets

Faster programming gives you more time for small business website design and other projects. This is my first post on Cheat sheets. Actually Cheat sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. Cheat sheets will contain most of the shortcuts needed to program faster. And it is meant for newbie users who can’t remember the shortcuts or commands.

In this post , I have collected almost 27 Cheat sheets available for Linux users. These Cheat sheets will contain Linux command lines, Linux security, Linux administration, Gnome/KDE, sed/awk/vim, and distribution specific codes.

You may think that one cheat sheet is just enough for me , so why should I need to look at so many cheat sheets. According to me some cheat sheets may miss some points so its better to Look through all of them and then choose the top 5-10 you think will help you the most. After that you can Print them out and hang them on the wall around your desk for quick reference.

Unix/Linux Command Reference

Linux Cheat Sheets


Linux Cheat Sheets

Treebeard’s Unix Cheat Sheet

Unix Cheat Sheets

Linux Shortcuts and Commands

Linux Shortcuts and Commands

The humble Linux cheat sheet

Linux Cheat Sheets

The Official Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide

Linux RED Hat Cheat Sheets

Evelyn’s LINUX Cheat Sheet

Evelyn's LINUX Cheat Sheet

LINUX Cheat Sheet

Linux Kernel Cheat Sheets

Linux Security Quick Reference Guide

Linux Security Cheat Sheets

LINUX System Call Quick Reference

LINUX System Call Quick Reference

LINUX Admin Quick Reference

LINUX Admin functions cheat sheet

directory of Linux commands

Click on any of the 687 commands below to get a description and list of available options. All links in the command summaries point to the online version of the book on Safari Bookshelf.

directory of Linux commands

Linux cheat sheet

Most wanted Linux cheat sheet

Linux Command-Line Cheat Sheet

Linux Command-Line Cheat Sheet

Linux Quick Reference Guide

Linux Quick Reference Guide

Linux Commands – Ultimate Practical guide

Linux Commands - Ultimate guide

Linux Cheat Sheet

Linux Commands - Ultimate guide

Linux Cheat Sheet

Linux Cheat Sheet

Linux Cheat Sheet

Linux Cheat Sheet

Using Linux the CLI way – Cheat Sheet

Linux Cheat Sheet

ubuntu Reference Cheat Sheet

Linux Cheat Sheet

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card

Debian Linux Cheat Sheet

Gnome / KDE Keyboard Shortcuts

Tired of using your mouse so much? Did you know that both KDE and Gnome have keyboard shortcuts for just about everything you can do with a mouse? Here’s a list of the various shortcuts on both platforms.

Debian Linux Cheat Sheet

Solaris Cheat Sheet

Solarix Linux Cheat Sheet

NetCat Cheat Sheet for Linux and Unix users

Debian Linux Cheat Sheet

Solaris Handy commands

Solaris Cheat Sheet

Unix Toolbox

Unix Cheat Sheets
I hope that these cheat sheets will definitely help you to remember some difficult commands for sure. If you have came across any other Linux or Unix cheat sheets then do let me know.

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