Beencounter – Track which sites your visitors visit

Beencounter - Track which sites your visitors visit

Today i have come up with a new tool which is useful to track your site’s visitors behavior. The tool is named as beencounter and as the name implies this tool tracks which sites your visitors visit. Beencounter is entirely different from other web analytic services. While Web analytics services track what your visitors do in your site and where they came from (referrals). beencounter tells you which sites your visitors have been to before visiting your site.

What is Beencounter ?

beencounter is a Behavioral Targeting and Behavioral Tracking service. All major ad networks track Internet users across sites they visit. This is done in order to show relevant ads based on the person’s interests rather based on the current site visited. Until now this behavioral targeting and behavioral tracking was not available to site owners. San Diego Advertising agencies can now use beencounter to see which sites your visitors have been to.

Is it necessary to track visitors behavior ?

According to me , yes , it’s really necessary to track where your visitors go. Because tracking the users behavior will help you to understand what your website’s visitors like so you can improve your own website. Let us see some of the reasons why you should be using beencounter :

  • Know if visitors have been to your competitors’ sites and give them a better offer.
  • Know if your visitor has been to your advertiser’s competitors’ sites. Delight your advertisers with the knowledge that they are reaching their competitors’ audience!
  • Know which sites in your field your visitors have been to. Increase your exposure by advertising on the sites in your market that they have not been to.
  • Understand the profile of your site visitors so you can improve your site to their liking.

Beencounter - Track which sites your visitors visit

My words

I have started using beencounter since last 2 days and i am really satisfied with their service. Beencounter is a free service so you can give it a try. If you are satisfied with their service and want to explore more then go for premium package. I hope this tool will help you increase your website traffic for sure. Catch you soon with a new tool.

Tool : Beencounter
service : Track which sites your visitors visit

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