Write for Techie Blogger and get 100% Google Adsense revenue

It’s almost 8 months since i started Techie Blogger. After 8 months of successful blogging , Now I want to give my readers a chance to make some money by writing in techie Blogger. Yes, I have decided to open Techie Blogger for guest posting with 100% adsense revenue sharing program. Techie blogger will display your own adsense ads in all the posts you write. That means you will be making bucks as long as techieblogger.com is alive.

Write for Techie Blogger and get 100% Google Adsense revenue

Why write for Techie Blogger ?

This is a question that is surely on your mind now. So let me answer it with following reasons…

  • Techie Blogger has around 700+ readers base. That means your every post will be read by large reader community, no matter from how long you have been blogging!
  • Maintaining a blog can be quite a work. There are many things beyond taking care of your blogging software, like performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), finding advertiser, promoting your blog at various places on Internet. If you just enjoy writing, leave other things to us.
  • Our transparent revenue sharing program will make sure that you get paid for your efforts. More about it, later in this post only.
  • As a guest author, you can promote your blog to wider audience and still make some money. Yes guest authors are also eligible for our revenue sharing program.
  • You have team of co-authors to help you improve if you are new to blogging.

You may also be wondering that a dedicated blog can give you more revenue. Ya that’s true, but only when you put much more effort on that dedicated blog. Say you took effort to publish 10 posts at Techie Blogger. Now if you keep those 10 article on a dedicated new blog, it will not bring you that much revenue because a new blog with 10 posts will not get much traffic. But Techie Blogger already have good search engine ranking and receives 2500+ visitors daily. Also we have 700+ readers tracking everything that’s been published here. So your 10 post will surely get much more traffic here and so can bring you more revenue.

100% Revenue sharing program

Since Techie Blogger is not so popular yet, I can’t pay my co-authors as of now. So I decided to give my co-authors a chance to get 100% adsense revenue for their posts. As an author, you will have ONLY your own AdSense content ad unit displayed on every post you publish at Techie Blogger. You will get revenue for your posts throughout your life. I guess this can’t be made any simpler than this!

General Guidance for co-authors

1. Original Work :- The post/Article should be original and not published anywhere. You should provide proper credit to original author if you are taking some reference of the article.
2. Avoid Self Promotion :- Techie Blogger will provide a brief intro about you and your blog with a single link-back too either at beginning or end of the post (Depending on Your choice). No affiliate links are allowed or any other links which are not relevant. You can link back to your site articles but that’s allowed only when the link back is relevant.
3. Copyright :- Nothing should be copied from anywhere. IF someone is found copying, he will be banned and all his/her posts will be removed.
4. Quality :- You should be able to produce quality content with your article or post. Techie Blogger decision whether to publish a post or not will be final. Also, We reserve the right to edit the post (in minimal, if required with proper information given to author) to suit the blog.

Tips for Success

  • Write lots of article. The more The Better
  • Set up a schedule to work as much as possible.
  • NEVER CLICK YOUR OWN ADS!!! You will get banned !

Topics Open for contribution :

As of now , these are some of the topics for which we are looking for co-authors. We will update this list frequently.

  • Design inpsirations
  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Web designer tools
  • Web applications reviews
  • Blogger and wordpress tips
  • Blogger templates
  • Seo tips
  • WordPress Themes
  • Software reviews
  • Social Media news

If you have any other suggestions , you can get me anytime in Gtalk.

write for techie blogger

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24 Responses to “Write for Techie Blogger and get 100% Google Adsense revenue”

  1. Haha.. Straight out of DW..

    Good thing you have opened guest blogging!

    Can I add some SEO hacks to a blogger template and publish it here?


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  5. I like the way you are explaining the things

  6. Very Nice I like your way! I try to write a post for you

  7. wow, nice work. i want to join, but may be later.. because I my english is not as good as yours. I think someone that write here, it must be have good skill in english.

  8. I don’t have a ad-sense account and Google is no longer accepting registrations in India. Can you register for me. i will love to write quality content for this site. Please help.Please leave a comment at my site http://www.bloggerzbible.blogspot.com/ if you are ready.

  9. Any luck with this approach? Did you get any co-authors?
    I’m curious because I was thinking to the same idea, but I don’t know if it really catch up.

  10. Hello,

    My name is Corry and I was contacting you in regards to a guest post on your site techieblogger.com. I own a website myself, on the topic of website content creation (as well as a blog). I am looking to get some more visibility to my website, and I believe I can provide your readers with a relevant and interesting post.

    I would like to write this post on the general topic of content creation and blogging. If you have something specific that you would like then just let me know, as this will be a custom post just for your site. Otherwise, I could write on the topic of “7 Cool Content Copywriting Tricks You Aren’t Using”.

    My site is http://www.contentcustoms.com and you can find my blog at http://www.contentcustoms.com/blog.

    The article that I would write for you would be 100% unique, and it would never be used or sold anywhere else. Of course, it will be high quality and valuable to your readers. All I ask for in return is a link or 2 back to my website.

    If you have any specific guidelines or requests, please let me know. I look forward to working with you, and I would truly appreciate this opportunity, as you would be helping me out a ton.

    Corry Cummings

  11. good offer, I’ll consider it later

  12. HI DUDE.,

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  15. That is a great idea. I am going to add this to my blog because I believe people would love writing for stuff and getting ranked.

  16. Hi mate,
    Could I ask you about the plugin you are using for the adsense revenue sharing program? What’s that plugin?

    Thanks in advance.

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  18. Good day! I just signed up as a guest blogger. However, after logging in, I still don’t have access to the “Add Post” area. Hope you can help me about this. Thanks!

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    Submit Guest Post: Visit the guest blogging page for guest article details. To submit your post, register an account by clicking the Apply Now on those related website or blog pages. Thank you for your good article !

  21. Such a nice and interesting blog I have ever read. It has given me what I was looking for. Thank you for providing me with such useful information

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