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For the past year, I have been searching for an effective way to build niche blogs. As many of you know, in addition to blogging, I am also involved in building websites. Because of my blogging and website building experience, I’ve seen how much money a large network of niche blogs can generate. Unfortunately, because it takes so long, trying to manually build a large network of these blogs is impossible. Believe me, I know from first-hand experience!

From time to time, I’ve mentioned this desire, as well as my frustration about my failed attempts, to several of my online acquaintances. Out of the blue, at the beginning of last month, one of my acquaintances sent me a link to a new product. The subject of his email was “Auto Blog Samurai,” and his message simply said “You owe me one.

Because of my past failures, I was not immediately excited. When I clicked the link and started looking at the homepage, the first thing that caught my eye was the AdSense earnings screenshot:

Auto Blog Samurai AdSense Earnings

However, I’m naturally skeptical, so while I was impressed by the earnings, I continued reading. As I was reading and scrolling down the page, one paragraph jumped out at me:

We all need shortcuts – sounds cheesy, but think about it, we use various shortcuts in our lives daily such as cars, computers, telephones, cell phones and other technologies that make life easy for us!

This caught my attention because the reason my previous attempts had failed is because manually building a niche blog network simply required too much time for me to manage on my own.

With my interest piqued, I continued reading. Once again, my eyes were instantly drawn to this piece of information:

Installs Right On To Your Desktop – No more wasting time logging in to blogging accounts, everything including content creation, translation and timed delivery is done right from your desktop.

This piece of information instantly reminded me of the headache that trying to manage multiple accounts used to cause me. Not only did I have to keep track of everything in a huge spreadsheet, but I felt like I wasted so much time signing in and out of one account after another.

At this point, I was 80% convinced I wanted to buy this product. However, this is the sentence that sealed the deal for me:

“A complete “proven to work” software that builds websites, gets traffic, writes content, & automatically maintains and updates your blogs.”

With this reassurance, I hit “Add to Cart,” and purchased Auto Blog Samurai for just $77.

When I purchased Auto Blog Samurai, the downloads I received were Content Samurai, Blogger Samurai and WordPress Samurai. Additionally, I also received Keyword Samurai, a Professional Blog Themes package and a Traffic and Link Building Training package.

Now that you’re aware I purchased Auto Blog Samurai, I know the question on your mind is: Does Auto Blog Samurai work?

Those readers who have been around since I started blogging in 2008 know that I’m a straight-shooter, and I always call it like it is. So, my honest answer to this question is: Yes, Auto Blog Samurai does work.

Now that you know it does work, you probably wonder how it works. Here’s a screenshot of the application running on the desktop:

Auto Blog Samurai

When you read the Auto Blog Samurai homepage, it continually emphasizes how easy it is to use. Once I opened the application, I quickly realized they weren’t exaggerating. To use Auto Blog Samurai, you simply:

-Pick a Niche
-Choose Your Content Sources
-Click a Button

If you think I left a bunch of items off of that list, let me assure you I didn’t; there really are only three steps required on your part. While there are lots of other things that happen, they are all handled automatically by Auto Blog Samurai. The software takes care of generating the content, publishing the blog, updating it on a daily basis, and ensuring it’s optimized for the search engines. The reason I bolded the last two items is because this combination makes Google love your blogs. Because your blogs will be updated with fresh content on a daily basis, Google will regularly crawl them. And because they are all optimized, your content will actually be visible in Google, instead of buried on page ten of the SERPs.

Now, I know the last question on your mind is “how much money have you made with Auto Blog Samurai?” While you may be expecting an AdSense screenshot, that’s simply not my style. I’m happy to provide you with my honest experiences and opinion, but when it comes to my financial matters, I am actually a very private person.

However, because I don’t want to leave you hanging, let me say this: Auto Blog Samurai has not disappointed me. I spent a year looking for a piece of software that could build a niche blog network for me, and now I’ve found it. Each time I log into my AdSense or Analytics account, I get a smile on my face. And as for my friend who sent me the link to Auto Blog Samurai, he will be receiving an excellent Christmas gift from me this year!

My Auto Blog Samurai Recommendation: Buy It!

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7 Responses to “AutoBlog Samurai Review”

  1. Are you using the translation as taught in the program? I have been and find that it is not working up to my expectation. I was wondering if you have found a work around that you are happy with…thanks

  2. Hi! If it’s true it’s fantastic! But what about duplicated content?

  3. Hi, I have a friend who purchased this software and she showed it to me. Looks pretty promising, but when she posts to her blogs, none of the images show up. Is that a problem with this blogging software or something she is doing wrong? I’m thinking about purchasing it myself.

    • There is a bug in the autoblog Samurai. I believe the images path is set to the local folder by default. Your friend has to confirm the link to the images by looking at the HTML generated by autoblog Samurai.
      If the RSS feed which autoblog Samurai trying to extract contains images, the user need to manually copy the images to their own host server and then change the link to the images to that located in the host server

  4. I have been using it for a month with 4 sites. I have not generated the $ 1 a day like Paul says. Has anyone else?

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