PopUp Domination Review

What is PopUp Domination?

PopUp Domination is a tool that allows you to add a popup lightbox to your blog or website, like the one below:

Yaro Starak Lightbox Popup

Adding a popup lightbox to your website can dramatically increase the opt-in rates to your email list. According to PopUp Domination, achieving double or triple increases with this product is common, and in some cases, it can lead to a 10x increase in opt-ins.

How Does PopUp Domination Work?

When you purchase PopUp Domination, you will receive two versions of the product:

WordPress Plugin – Because of the popularity of WordPress, PopUp Domination was originally only available as WordPress plugin. PopUp Domination functions like a standard WordPress plugin, and gives you the ability to customize your popup lightbox with seven different themes and fifteen different colors.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the PopUp Domination WordPress plugin admin area:


Standalone HTML – Now that PopUp Domination is on Version 2.0, it can also be installed directly on your server, and used to create a popup lightbox on any HTML page. To do this, simply upload PopUp Domination to your server, install it, login, and then use the admin area to create a popup lightbox. When you create a new lightbox, you will be given its HTML code, which you can then copy and paste into the source code of the website where you want to add the popup.

What Email Providers is PopUp Domination Compatible With?

PopUp Domination is compatible with the majority of email providers, including:

Constant Contact

Is PopUp Domination a Scam?

No. Unlike many other Internet marketing products, PopUp Domination is a legitimate product that lives up to the claims it makes.

PopUp Domination has received a countless number of positive public reviews, like this one from IncomeDiary.com:

“In case after that you are still not convinced, check this screen shot out, literally 2 months ago I had more traffic and was only getting around 15 opt-ins a day, now I’m in the 100’s!”

PopUp Domination Case Study

The WordPress plugin and HTML standalone versions of this product are both well-built, and make it simple to create and add a popup lightbox to your blog or website.

Who Uses PopUp Domination?

PopUp Domination is used by many well-know bloggers within the Internet marketing world, including:

Erica Douglass from Erica.biz
Alexander Shelton from SixFigureRenegade.com
Jason Moffatt from JasonMoffatt.com
Ryan Lee from RyanLee.com
Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs-Journey.com
James Schramko from InternetMarketingSpeed.com
Gideon Shalwick from GideonShalwick.com
David Risley from DavidRisley.com
Adam Horwitz from AdamHorwitz.tv
Yanik Silver from YanikSilver.com

How Much Does PopUp Domination Cost?

Although the entire package is worth $348, PopUp Domination only costs $47.

Additionally, when you purchase PopUp Domination for $47, you will also receive the “Email Domination System” as a free bonus. This course will teach you exactly how to maximize the amount of money you make from the additional subscribers you gain by using PopUp Domination.

Buy Popup Domination for $47

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with PopUp Domination, it comes with a sixty day money-back guarantee.

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