ArcadiaCharts Review

Everyone who ever tried to put up a business presentation together is well familiar with the complications associated with producing a quality, good looking chart. It gets quite time consuming and not as pretty as you’d expect with the regular charts or ppt software.

This is where ArcadiaCharts, interactive JavaScript and GWT charts which run in all browsers without plugins comes to play. An easy to use and highly effecting charting software with a robust library for creating interactive business charts, it also requires no additional software or plugins for viewing the charts as all are rendered by the browser.

You can choose from a wide variety of themes and designs and easily switch between them on the flly with just a few lines of code. ArcadiaCharts  is very beginner-friendly, no prior knowledge is needed to get started.

Better yet ArcadiaCharts  is available for free for non commercial usage, download it here.

Some of the features also include:

  • various types of chars are supported: pie, bar, line, 3d, donut and more..
  • sizable library of themes and graphical elements
  • well documented configurations and options
  • CVS data can be imported
  • easily intergratable images into the charts
  • no flash or additional software required to view the charts
  • various axis types
  • and much more..

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