Three Big Winners in the Mobile Web Game

The mobile web game has shifted gears in recent years to the point that there’s really no race to the top anymore. Rather, there are several peaks, and while companies like Google may own the highest plateaus, smaller companies are claiming peaks of their own. Here are three newer companies in the mobile web game and how they’re dominating their own pieces of the mobile landscape.


It’s no wonder Facebook has been so quick to snatch up the Spool team. The Spool team put together an app that will save web data for viewing offline at a later time. This means that you can save a few YouTube pages and a web article while in an airport and then watch them without a web connection while you’re actually up in the air.

This app is groundbreaking in that it allows us to do something we always want to do, but which nobody is really offering us. You have browsing offline with some web browsers, but that’s fairly limited in comparison with what Spool does. What this really proves is that if all the good peaks in your industry are taken, then you can always invent some of your own to conquer.

Find My Hosting

There are a lot of web hosts out there. There’s really nothing at all special about just another web host, right? Well luckily, that’s not what is about. This service helps entrepreneurs, bloggers, web cartoonists, video makers and other content providers get connected to the hosts they need for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Finding the right web host can be a pain. There are literally thousands and they’re all kind of hard to tell apart. Find My Hosting is blazing a trail and helping to streamline the process, making them one of the top names in a fast growing area of the mobile web era.

Dolphin Browser HD

Here’s the big irony about Dolphin Browser HD: The big winner in this story is Google. The Android smartphone differs from other smartphones in that it is almost completely open source. Anyone who wants to release a web browser or any other app on the Android is free to do so with or without permission from Google.

Users are choosing Android capable devices simply because they are not being forced to use built in software, like iPhone users are with a Mac browser. So variety of teams like the people behind Dolphin Browser, Opera and even Firefox are enjoying the opportunity to connect with new users while Google wins for letting the market do what it wants.

If these stories prove nothing else, they at least show that a digital revolution is a great time to be an entrepreneur.

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